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High School Photography

High School is one of the most exciting times of your life. It's the last real chance to go to school with the same friends you've had for the past few years or your entire life. High School leads to the steps of planning for the next stage in your life - career, college, travel, your first job (where you don't have to worry about your job interfering with your homework), the stage, screen or whatever adventure you'll pursue. You've reached a point where you can make your own decisions, understand life poses challenges and your family will always be there to support you.

Although it might seem corny to you, your parents will always remember your other firsts - the first time you crawled, your first step, those times you looked so charming and cute one second and were covered in dirt the next because you were being a kid, your first day of school, the first time you climbed up the steps onto the school bus, your first play date, your first report card, your first date, your first prom (and each prom after that), the first time you had your heart broken and the first time you told your parents you knew what you wanted to do. And the only time you became a High School Student

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